Première: Lalaei

Go to sleep, may I suffer all your pain,
Go to sleep, may tomorrow all our wishes come true,
The night won’t last forever,
Soon the sunlight will appear,
But alas, a hundred times alas,
If only your mother were here…

In this unique cross-cultural collaboration between Belgian-Dutch band Zwerm and percussionist Karen Willems, Iranian singer Sarah Akbari, British storyteller Marie Phillips and Israeli director Raphael Rodan, we explore the hidden darkness behind the seemingly innocent songs sung to children. Lalaei gathers together lullabies from all over the world, twisting, breaking and reforming them into something new. Amongst the music we tell the tale of Procne: a noble queen, a dutiful daughter, an obedient wife, a loving mother. But one day, her sister is hurt in an unimaginable way, and all her supressed rage rushes to the surface, threatening to destroy herself and everyone around her.

15/03/2022    20u  Mezrab Storytelling Center, Amsterdam
17/03/2022   20u   Klarafestival, Bozar, Brussels
18/03/2022   20.15u   Handelsbeurs, Ghent
19/03/2022   20u   deSingel, Antwerp
20/03/2022   16u   Concertgebouw Brugge
22/04/2022   20u  CC Ter Dilft, Bornem
24/04/2022    20.15u  Lunalia Festival, Mechelen

Music & concept: Zwerm
Singer: Sarah Akbari
Drums: Karen Willems
Storytelling: Marie Phillips
Direction: Raphael Rodan
Scenography: Stef Depover
Dramaturgy: WALPURGIS & Farnoosh Farnia
Production: Zwerm and WALPURGIS
Coproduction: De Singel and Klara Festival
Podcast: Teletext
with the support of the Flemish Government and Stad Antwerpen