COHORT – association of new music makers

Cohort is an association of new music makers, ensembles and chamber groups offering administrative and promotional support while stimulating artistic reflection within the field of new music.

  • Cohort is a pool of likeminded musicians who each in their own way move along the frontier of today’s music world.
  • Cohort offers customised support to its members both on artistic as well as administrative levels.
  • Cohort offers a much needed platform for creative and critical exchange in the field of contemporary and experimental music through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and reflection.
  • Cohort’s members regularly question the current practices within the context of (new) music and the arts in general. Together they are active partners for developing new contexts, concepts and presentations.
  • Cohort offers residencies that encourage experimentation in order to support artists who are in the early stages of the development of a new project.

Cohort is originally an initiative of Ictus and hosted in its premises near the Brussels South Station.



Business Coordinator: Andreas Halling




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