Great Expectations – New Release by Zwerm!

Zwerm’s latest album ‘Great Expectations’ was released earlier this month and has already received much critical acclaim! Check out some of the press reviews below!
For more info on Great Expectations, check out Zwerm’s bandcamp page here!
“Wij krijgen bij Luminous Dash wekelijkse mooie en zelfs prachtige muziek ter ore. Wat Zwerm hier echter doet, is de spelregels herdefiniëren.”
“‘Great Expectations’ is de ideale soundtrack voor een surrealistisch labyrint waarin je wil verdwalen en nooit (of toch niet te snel) de uitgang vinden.”
“Dit album vestigt zowat het lokale record “blijven plakken in een CD-speler”…
“…a coherent whole with a character all its own that reveals more inventiveness listen by listen.”
“Zwerm – Great Expectations (★★★★): Grote verwachtingen en onbestemde dromen” … ” “one of the most exciting voices in the contemporary music world.”
concert review:
interview met Johannes Westendorp:


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Inner Phrases – New release by Two Envelopes!

Inner Phrases is the first album by Two Envelopes. It is the result of a long intense collaboration between them and five composers.

A precedent exists for the project that Two Envelopes have embarked on, found in the work of Elisabeth Chojnacka and Sylvio Gualda. Starting at the end of the 1970s, Chojnacka commissioned repertoire for harpsichord and percussion from some of the 20th century’s leading composers resulting in a collection of works that juxtaposed instruments from different times and locations.
This current recording by Two Envelopes continues in this vein, drawing together recent commissions the ensemble has made and developed through direct and dedicated work with the composers. The album traces a different journey to that set out by Chojnacka and Gualda, perhaps most notably in the expansion of envelope, the characteristics of the sounds, that the two players manifest. Through preparations and electronics, the scope of the attack and release of the harpsichord and the gamut of percussion instruments plunge the ensemble into a very different aesthetic.

The album is released on the label Seven Mountain Records, more info on their website or via Two Envelopes.

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First Clip from Zwerm’s new album!

Check out Zwerm’s first single from their upcoming album “Great Expectations”!

music by Zwerm & Karen Willems
produced by Rudy Trouvé
Lyrics by Bruno Nelissen
Videoclip was created by Rudy Trouvé

upcoming release concerts:
March 11th 2021 STUK Leuven
March 18th 2021 deSingel Antwerp
March 21st 2021 Antwerp prison (ism De Rode Antraciet)
March 29th 2021 De Handelsbeurs Ghent
April 1st 2021 Great Expectations concert movie stream on

Great Expectations vinyl and CD’s in your local store from April 2nd.

NEWS Distribution

with the support of the Flemish Government coproduced by deSingel & STUK, Huis voor Dans, Beeld en Geluid
Thanks also to Cohort & Werkplaats Walter

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Jukebox – Down The Rabbit Hole & LOD

[Unfortunately the premiere of this event was canceled due to COVID19, check the LOD website for updates on the oncoming dates in november]


In Jukeboxyou enter an interactive playground filled with sounds. It feels as if you crawl into the inside of a jukebox. What sound do you listen to first? Together with the other new inhabitants of Jukebox you get to see choreographies projected onto a large screen, like in a videogame. Based on how you work together and move around the playgound, the music in the room changes and new sounds appear. For children aged 7 until 11.

For more information and ticket click here.

concept & artistic direction Down the Rabbit Hole (Filipa Botelho, Kaja Farszky, Hanna Kölbel) performers Filipa Botelho, Hanna Kölbel, Kaja Farszky/Špela Mastnak/Ruben Orio composition
Joris Blanckaert interaction design Brecht Debackere animation and visual design Nele Fack sound design and programming Quentin Meurisse light design Johannes Ringoot stage and costume design adviser Saskia Louwaard dramaturgy adviser Koen Haagdorens children dramaturgy adviser Tom Rummens production LOD muziektheater & Cohort

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