Great Expectations – Film Screening

In march last year Rudy Trouvé created a documentary film about Zwerm and their collaboration with percussionist Karen Willems while working on their new album Great Expectations at STUK in Leuven. The film is a beautiful, honest and humorous portrait of one of the most fascinating and exciting collaborations in contemporary music. Coming up in January are 2 film screenings at Cinema Z in Leuven on the 12th and 22nd!

For screening times and tickets click here. On the 22nd the screening will be followed by a live concert by Rudy Trouvé, don’t miss it!


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Zwerm at De Bijloke

Zwerm will present its second instalment of their immersive concert program “Our Ears Felt Like Canyons” at De Bijloke in Gent on Friday December 10! The program for this concert will feature Stephen O’Malley’s work “Avaeken” as well as Joanna Bailie’s “Last Song From Charleroi”, accompanied by a light scenography specifically designed for the occasion by Lucas Van Haesbroeck.

Get you tickets here!

Concept & Development: Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, Zwerm & Lucas Van Haesbroeck
Live music: Zwerm (Toon Callier, Kobe Van Cauwenberghe, Johannes Westendorp & Matthias Koole)

Composition: Joanna Bailie, Stephen O’Malley
Sound design & Sound engineer: Antoine Delagoutte
Scenography & Light design: Lucas Van Haesbroeck. 

Our Ears Felt Like Canyons II is a production by Zwerm in collaboration with La Muse en Circuit, Transit Festival and Muziekcentrum De Bijloke.

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Two Envelopes at SMOG

On december 9 Two Envelopes will present its first album release “Inner Phrases” (available at 7 Mountain records) at S M O G in Brussels!

About Two Envelopes:

Formed in 2015 by harpsichordist Lisa Kokwenda Schweiger and percussionist Jacob Vanneste, Two Envelopes fuses adventurous combinations of performative elements or electronics, whilst retaining a classical core.
Lisa works in the fields of early and contemporary music and physical theatre. Jacob immerses himself in contemporary and electronic music and has always been driven by a huge interest in performative musical theatre and soundart. As Two Envelopes they play compositions that have been commissioned especially for their mix of expressive skills.
They released their first record Inner Phrases with 7 Mountain Records in spring 2021, that will be presented for the first time in SMOG.

Two Envelopes will share a bill with the wonderful project “Wave Debris” by sound artists Diana Duta and Julia E. Dyck.

more info here!


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HYOID – GAME 2-4-5: The Mirror Stage

On friday December 3, HYOID is bringing their successful collaboration with Austrian composer Bernhard Lang to Muziekcentrum De Bijloke in Gent!

Somewhere between music and theatre, jazz and electronics, improvisation and composition lies the planet called Bernhard Lang. In ‘The Mirror Stage’ – his fourth performance based on game theory – HYOID promises to be a pawn on the board on which, together with guitarist Kobe Van Cauwenberghe and the live electronics of IRCAM, they are constantly facing new challenges. Their unwritten story bathes in the light of the virtual cathedral built by scenographer Lucas Van Haesbroeck.

More info and tickets here!

GAME 2-4-5: The Mirror Stage ​
Music theater for 4 voices, electric guitar, ambisonics & lights
​Bernhard LANG (AUT)
​singers: Fabienne Seveillac, Els Mondelaers,
Andreas Halling, Tiemo Wang
electric guitar: Kobe Van Cauwenberghe
electronics/ambisonics: IRCAM/ Robin Meier
​sound: IRCAM/Sylvain Cadars
​lights & scenography: Lucas Van Haesbroeck

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