Blink of an Ear #7 The Third Guy & Quentin Meurisse

This week, from 07/09 to 11/09 The Third Guy with percussionist Ruben Orio and guitarist Primoz Sukic are taking over Werkplaats Walter to continue their work on improvisational strategies. Their “third guy” for this week is pianist and electronica wizard Quentin Meurisse. They will explore different ways of engaging in collective improvisation, using amplification and electronics as a binding principle that pushes piano, synths, guitar and percussion into a maelstrom of morphed sounds. They will record several sessions, which will serve as the basis for a set of new compositions or as a an album in itself.

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Blink of an Ear #6 HYOID & Benjamin Vandewalle

The singers of HYOID are currently in residency at Werkplaats Walter in Brussels as part of our Blink of an Ear artist residency. They are in the early stages of developing a new project with choreographer Benjamin Vandewalle and finish composer Maija Hynninen.  Centered around the text “Espèces d’espaces” by the French writer Georges Perec, the idea is to work towards an immersive music-theatrical work under the title Journal d’un usager de l’espace. 

About this project:

Journal d’un usager de l’espace was born out of Benjamin Vandewalle’s and HYOID voices’ shared desire to create an immersive 3-dimensional sound experience, one that for a moment can challenge the audience’s perception of space, sound and vision. Together with composer Maija Hynninen and electronic sound masters of Centre Henri Pousseur, they bring forth a performance that constantly shifts the spectator’s perception between direct and diffused, between intimate and distant, acoustic and amplified.

The music, for two singers and electronics, is set to excerpts from Georges Perec’s Species of Spaces, a text exposing everyday places in an unassuming, simple manner, while remaining both intimate and spiritual. Perec’s exploration of estrangement links to the sparse, yet intricate instrumentation, and provides a fitting canvas for a choreography in which the audience forms the scenography, through which both sound and performers travel.

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Technical issue

Due to a technical issue all the content from the last year and a half were erased from the website. We  will gradually re-post the missing articles and content!

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Fall 2019

As we are recovering some of the lost news posts from 2019, you can find a lot of relevant information in our past newsletters. For the fall 2019 overview, click here!

photo (c) Remy Siu

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