Zwerm at Artefact Sound, STUK

On friday june 18 Zwerm will finally play the public release show of their latest album Great Expectations, as part of Artefact Sound at STUK in Leuven!
The concert is a double bill with experimental bass player Farida Amadou. Get your tickets now, yes to LIVE MUSIC!


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newpolyphonies rewired at BUDA

newpolyphonies rewired, a sound installation of Myriam Van Imschoot and HYOID voices, developed with WALPURGIS, is based on the recordings of the concert newpolyphonies where 4 singers of HYOID were joined by 17 local performers in a performance at Muziekcentrum De Bijloke. Rewiring this event transforms it to a new level of immersion.

To be seen at BUDA, Kortrijk, from 05/06 till 20/06!

In newpolyphonies rewired the presence of sound is contagious, stirring the air and wobbling wave-patterns to the point of sweet vertigo. Among 20 little loudspeakers the listener surrenders to an ever-changing journey, where elastic landscapes arise before they sink back under the skin.

As always in the work of Myriam Van Imschoot all the sounds in newpolyphonies rewired are made by the bare human body and voice without technical added effect, as surprising as it might be. This time the singers attune their polyphony to the traffic of airplanes and the drum of insects beyond points of recognition of what is individual and what is collective, human or machine.


Creation: Myriam Van Imschoot, Andreas Halling, WALPURGIS Composition sound and movement: Andreas Halling, Myriam Van Imschoot All sounds and voices: HYOID voices (Fabienne Seveillac, Andreas Halling, Els Mondelaers, Gunther Vandeven) and 17 local performers at De Bijloke, Ghent Concept of sound design and concept of electronics: Fabrice Moinet Technical design: Guy Van den Bril & Stef Depover Electronics assistant: Matthieu Virot Light Design: Lucas Van Haesbroeck Sound advise and engineer: Wannes Gonnissen Producer: Hiros Delegated producer: La Muse en Circuit Coproduction: WALPURGIS, Muziekcentrum De Bijloke, BUDA, Kunstenwerkplaats Supported by: Vlaamse Overheid, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie Thanks: GC De Kriekelaar

newpolyphonies rewired is based on an idea by Myriam Van Imschoot and Fabrice Moinet.

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HYOID opening the Manifeste Festival in Paris

On June 1st HYOID Voices will perform the opening of the 2021 edition of IRCAM’s Manifeste Festival in Paris. They will perform GAME 245 – The Mirror Stage, an evening length work by Bernhardt Lang for four voices, electric guitar and live-electronics (ambisonics). Additional performances will take place on June 2 and 3, as well as a live broadcast on France Musique. More info here!

About the program:

Master of the theater of repetition and of small differences, the Austrian Bernhard Lang meets IRCAM for the first time and spatial immersion realized under an ambisonic dome. His Mirror Stage draws from Lacan, from the combination of games and the “I”. For Lacan, the mirror stage is that jubilant moment when the child discovers himself for the first time as an image of the “I”, before becoming a subject. In Lang’s device, the function of the mirror is both temporal and spatial: electronic loops, multiplication of vocal simulation in space, borrowing from the techniques of the Renaissance canon—in this case from a motet by Palestrina. In the center of this fascinating hall of mirrors shine the voices of the Belgian ensemble HYOID, the incantatory shamanism from Lacan, the encounter with others and the face from Emmanuel Levinas.

Els Mondelaers 
Fabienne Seveillac mezzo-soprano
Andreas Halling tenor
Tiemo Wang baritone

Kobe Van Cauwenberghe electric guitar

Lucas Van Haesbroeck lighting design
Robin Meier IRCAM computer-music design

Bernhard Lang Game 245 “The Mirror Stage” – French premiere

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Blink of an Ear #8 Down The Rabbit Hole

From may 25 til 27 the dynamic trio Down The Rabbit Hole is taking over the studio of Werkplaats Walter to develop a new project Take 1-2-3 ! Check out their online showcase of this residency on sunday 30/05 at 17h via this link!

…maybe the last live stream event that you shouldn’t miss >>> this sunday during teatime >>>
We are inviting you to join our live-stream event WALTER TV – proudly presenting the result of our 4 days research residency at werkplaats walter.

Shiver Lung by Ashley Fure
Sitzfleisch by Louis D’Heudières
This is a pilot project by Down the Rabbit Hole in the company of
Brecht Debackere,
Louis D’Heudières,
and Nina Kuttler

We are sharing the interest in the interpolation of multiple time and space layers that each live music performance inherits. We are exploring ways to make a documentation of a live performance: how can we capture all that is making the performance what it is?
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