Down The Rabbit Hole at Walcheturm, Zürich

Postponed multiple times due to Covic19, Down The Rabbit Hole will finally land in Zürich to perform their program Charged at Walcheturm, a concert organised by IGNM Zürich.

More info here!


Rama Gottfried – apophänie

Elena Rykova – 101% mind uploaded

Alexander Schubert – Hello

A bunch of hypersensitive nerves are sending obscure information – « the organisms of the miniature Apophänie world are born, mutated, absorbed, and consumed, a narrative grows between the microscopic entities » (Rama Gottfried). Pending musical life forms are unconsciously pulsating, surviving and purring along during the complex surgery of a « huge strange organism with many receptors and organs » (Elena Rykova). Meanwhile, a high blood pressure mind is relentlessly inventing a new joke taking place in the « composer’s living room, it’s an invitation into the personal world of (Alexander Schubert). please enjoy. »  CHARGED is a quite loaded performance by music collective Down the Rabbit Hole with musical operations that become fruitful matter for procrastination.

And all that seemed blurred and vague turns into a pleasurable yet immediate cause for playing it out, letting it live and dance, with crackling, buzzing, grooving, soothing, moving and re-mixed sounds.