First Clip from Zwerm’s new album!

Check out Zwerm’s first single from their upcoming album “Great Expectations”!

music by Zwerm & Karen Willems
produced by Rudy Trouvé
Lyrics by Bruno Nelissen
Videoclip was created by Rudy Trouvé

upcoming release concerts:
March 11th 2021 STUK Leuven
March 18th 2021 deSingel Antwerp
March 21st 2021 Antwerp prison (ism De Rode Antraciet)
March 29th 2021 De Handelsbeurs Ghent
April 1st 2021 Great Expectations concert movie stream on

Great Expectations vinyl and CD’s in your local store from April 2nd.

NEWS Distribution

with the support of the Flemish Government coproduced by deSingel & STUK, Huis voor Dans, Beeld en Geluid
Thanks also to Cohort & Werkplaats Walter