The Mirror Stage Premiere at Transit Festival

The singers from Hyoid Contemporary Voices are gearing up for another premiere this saturday october 24 at Transit Festival, Leuven! Together with guitarist Kobe Van Cauwenberghe and the sound engineers from IRCAM they will create at new evening long work by Austrian composer Bernhard Lang, featuring four voices, electric guitar and ambisonics: GAME 245: The Mirror Stage. From The Transit concert announcement:

The dynamic vocal ensemble HYOID will introduce the first Transit evening with a premiere by Bernhard Lang, this year’s featured composer. Anyone who witnessed HYOID working with Jennifer Walshe in 2017 is certainly already ordering tickets by now. You can expect to find the singers and electric guitar in a circle surrounded by the audience, who in turn are surrounded by loudspeakers and the IRCAM electronics wizards’ Ambisonics technology. Rarely will Bernhard Lang’s intense motifs have sounded so intimate and overwhelming. And intimate means limited seating, so that’s why they’ll perform it twice in one evening!

singers: Fabienne Seveillac, Els Mondelaers,
Andreas Halling, Tiemo Wang
electric guitar: Kobe Van Cauwenberghe
electronics/ambisonics: IRCAM/ Robin Meier
sound: IRCAM/Sylvain Cadars
lights & scenography: Lucas Van Haesbroeck