HYOID – GAME 2-4-5: The Mirror Stage

On friday December 3, HYOID is bringing their successful collaboration with Austrian composer Bernhard Lang to Muziekcentrum De Bijloke in Gent!

Somewhere between music and theatre, jazz and electronics, improvisation and composition lies the planet called Bernhard Lang. In ‘The Mirror Stage’ – his fourth performance based on game theory – HYOID promises to be a pawn on the board on which, together with guitarist Kobe Van Cauwenberghe and the live electronics of IRCAM, they are constantly facing new challenges. Their unwritten story bathes in the light of the virtual cathedral built by scenographer Lucas Van Haesbroeck.

More info and tickets here!

GAME 2-4-5: The Mirror Stage ​
Music theater for 4 voices, electric guitar, ambisonics & lights
​Bernhard LANG (AUT)
​singers: Fabienne Seveillac, Els Mondelaers,
Andreas Halling, Tiemo Wang
electric guitar: Kobe Van Cauwenberghe
electronics/ambisonics: IRCAM/ Robin Meier
​sound: IRCAM/Sylvain Cadars
​lights & scenography: Lucas Van Haesbroeck