Blink of an Ear #9: The Noble Snare

Cohort’s “Blink of an Ear” residency program is welcoming the percussion duo of Jacob Vanneste and Andrés Navarro García to develop their new project “The Noble Snare” at Werkplaats Walter next week!

The Noble Snare, published by Smith Publications, is a collection of virtuostic works for solo snare drum. Currently the collection is in 4 volumes consisting of over 30 works. Many prominent composers have contributed to the Noble Snare, including John Cage, Stuart Smith, Ben Johnston, Milton Babbit, and Pualine Oliveros.

The basic idea is to play a selection of these works, but not only on snare drums, and not only solo. We want to go beyond the written instrumentation and search for other sound textures in other (daily-life) materials. Bringing complexity and abstractness of pure rhythmical content towards the audience into a clear contemporary visual and aesthetic approach. We also want to experiment playing the pieces simultonausly, to achieve different sounds and stereo effects.

In this first recidency Jacob Vanneste & Andrés Navarro García want to research with some pieces the possibilities of objects vs snare drums and play some polyphonic pieces with 2 persons, on different objects / snare drums.