Blink of an Ear #8 Down The Rabbit Hole

From may 25 til 27 the dynamic trio Down The Rabbit Hole is taking over the studio of Werkplaats Walter to develop a new project Take 1-2-3 ! Check out their online showcase of this residency on sunday 30/05 at 17h via this link!

…maybe the last live stream event that you shouldn’t miss >>> this sunday during teatime >>>
We are inviting you to join our live-stream event WALTER TV – proudly presenting the result of our 4 days research residency at werkplaats walter.

Shiver Lung by Ashley Fure
Sitzfleisch by Louis D’Heudières
This is a pilot project by Down the Rabbit Hole in the company of
Brecht Debackere,
Louis D’Heudières,
and Nina Kuttler

We are sharing the interest in the interpolation of multiple time and space layers that each live music performance inherits. We are exploring ways to make a documentation of a live performance: how can we capture all that is making the performance what it is?