Tiptoe & Pianoguide at Bijloke

Tiptoe and Pianoguide are joining forces for a presentation as part of Manufactuur at Muziekcentrum de Bijloke in Ghent.

Founding members of Tiptoe Company, Pieter Lenaerts and Jona Kesteleyn, ànd pianist Frederik Croene are balancing in between performance, chamber music, sound art and free impro. Partner in crime is composer and soundartist Patricia Alessandrini. Acoustic and electronic stringinstruments are connected, creating new logics. Objects, E-bows and feedback-loops generate sound and movement.

In addition to Tiptoe’s performance of new works by Alessandrini and Croene, Pianoguide’s Elisa Medinilla will perform another premiere by Croene for piano solo.